F=ma Exam

Analysis of previous F=ma exams and the types of questions that appear.

1KinematicsPosition-time equationKinematics7
2KinematicsVelocity-time graphDynamics6
3KinematicsAverage velocityEnergy7
4KinematicsFree fallCollisions3
5DynamicsForce and effectsSystem of Masses2
6KinematicsPosition from velocity-time equationRigid Bodies8
7EnergyComparison of amountsOscillatory Motion3
8GravityGravitational potential energyGravity2
9System of MassesMotion of center of massFluids0
10Rigid BodiesRotational analog of Newton’s 2nd LawOther0
11Rigid BodiesMoments of inertia and energy 38
12DynamicsStatics, balance of torques  
13CollisionsConservation laws  
14DynamicsDirection of forces  
15System of MassesTranslational and rotational dynamics  
16CollisionsConservation laws  
17KinematicsAcceleration over time in projectile motion  
18EnergyConservation of energy  
19EnergySpring and conservation of energy  
20CollisionsEnergy, momentum, and velocity  
21Rigid BodiesValue of moments of inertia  
22EnergyWork, energy, momentum  
23GravityCentripetal force  
24KinematicsProjectile motion  
25Oscillatory MotionPeriod in water  
26DynamicsKinematics and coefficient of friction  
27Rigid BodiesConservation laws, centripetal force  
28Rigid BodiesAnalysis of bicycle, equilibrium  
29Rigid BodiesAnalysis of bicycle, equilibrium  
30Rigid BodiesAnalysis of bicycle, equilibrium  
31Rigid BodiesRotational inertia of a rod  
32Oscillatory MotionAngular frequency  
33Oscillatory MotionAngular frequency  
34DynamicsObject winding up around a cylinder  
35EnergyKinetic energy of object  
36DynamicsOriginal length of rope  
37EnergyRatio of velocities  
38EnergyRatio of kinetic energies  
1KinematicsUniform acceleration equationsKinematics7
3KinematicsVelocity from position-time graphEnergy1
4KinematicsDisplacement from velocity-time graphCollisions3
5Kinematicsa-t graph from v-t graphSystem of Masses2
6KinematicsProjectile motion and rangeRigid Bodies1
7CollisionsConservation lawsOscillatory Motion1
8DynamicsFriction and centripetal forceGravity3
9CollisionsConservation lawsFluids0
11DynamicsDynamics 25
12Rigid BodiesMoments of inertia and kinetic energy  
13Oscillatory MotionSpring constant and amplitude  
14System of MassesAngular momentum and energy  
15DynamicsStatics, balance of torques  
16DynamicsSpring and acceleration  
17DynamicsSpring and acceleration  
18GravityPotential and kinetic energy  
19EnergyPower and acceleration  
20ElasticityYoung’s modulus, Elimination of answers  
21System of MassesConservation laws  
22CollisionsConservation laws and circular motion  
23GravityRelationship between variables  
24KinematicsBouncing ball  
25GravityVelocity and orbit  
1CollisionsImpulse and pressureKinematics7
2CollisionsMotion after elastic collisionDynamics4
3CollisionsMotion after inelastic collisionEnergy1
4DynamicsApparent weightCollisions5
5GravityComparison after angular momentumSystem of Masses0
6KinematicsProjectile motion, velocity and angleRigid Bodies1
7KinematicsUniform acceleration equationsOscillatory Motion3
8KinematicsRotational motion, ω-t graphGravity3
9KinematicsRotational motion, ω-t graphFluids0
10KinematicsProjectile motionOther1
11Kinematicsa-t graph, work 25
13DynamicsStatics, torque  
15DynamicsDetermining coefficient of friction  
16Oscillatory MotionAngular frequency of oscillation  
17ExperimentMeasure quantities in SI units  
18Oscillatory MotionPeriod of pendulum  
19KinematicsProjectile motion, height and range  
20CollisionsConservation laws  
21GravityGravitational potential energy  
22GravityPeriod of orbit  
23Oscillatory MotionSimple harmonic motion, Power  
24DynamicsTipping over of box  
25Rigid BodiesAngular velocity, friction  
1KinematicsPosition-time graphKinematics6
2KinematicsVelocity-time graphDynamics6
3KinematicsAcceleration-time graphEnergy4
4KinematicsFree fallCollisions1
5KinematicsProjectile motionSystem of Masses2
6KinematicsProjectile motion, height and rangeRigid Bodies2
7DynamicsCentripetal force, angular momentumOscillatory Motion0
8DynamicsFriction, accelerationGravity3
10DynamicsAcceleration, frictionOther0
11DynamicsStatics 25
12EnergyKinetic energy and projectile motion  
13Rigid BodiesEnergy and moment of inertia  
14CollisionsConservation laws, friction  
15System of MassesConservation laws  
16System of MassesConservation laws  
17GravityPotential energy of configuration  
18EnergyForce and potential energy  
19EnergyPotential and position-time graph  
20EnergyPosition-time graph, energy  
21GravityGravitational self potential energy  
22DynamicsCentripetal force  
23FluidsCross-sectional area and velocity  
24Rigid BodiesDetermining moments of inertia  
25GravityEnergy and velocity  
1KinematicsAverage speed and displacementKinematics5
2KinematicsVelocity-time graphDynamics3
3KinematicsVelocity-time graphEnergy2
4KinematicsVelocity-time graphCollisions1
5GravityCentripetal accelerationSystem of Masses0
6CollisionsConservation lawsRigid Bodies4
7Rigid BodiesAngular momentum, energyOscillatory Motion4
8FluidsFraction of block floatingGravity3
9DynamicsForce on length of springFluids2
10Oscillatory MotionFactors that increase periodOther1
11FluidsWater level – time graph 25
12GravityCompressive force  
13Rigid BodiesStatics, balance of torques  
14KinematicsFree fall  
15Oscillatory MotionDetermination of spring constant  
16DynamicsStatics, friction  
18EnergyFriction, conservation laws  
19Oscillatory MotionReturn to origin  
20Oscillatory MotionAmplitude  
21Dimensional AnalysisSame units  
22EnergyTorque, rotation frequency, and power  
23GravityKepler’s laws  
24Rigid BodiesRotation, power, friction  
25Rigid BodiesComparison of motion down a plane  
1KinematicsFree fallKinematics4
2KinematicsProjectile motion, height and rangeDynamics5
3DynamicsAngle for topplingEnergy3
4System of MassesConservation lawsCollisions1
5CollisionsLoss of kinetic energySystem of Masses1
6KinematicsFree fallRigid Bodies2
7KinematicsFree fallOscillatory Motion3
8EnergyFriction, conservation of energyGravity2
9GravityEscape velocityFluids2
10Rigid BodiesComparison of acceleration down a planeOther2
11DynamicsChange in forces over time 25
12DynamicsChange in forces over time  
13EnergyWork and velocity  
14Rigid BodiesTorque, moments of inertia  
15EnergyPower and velocity  
16Oscillatory MotionVibration frequency of spring  
17Oscillatory MotionPeriod-amplitude graph  
18Oscillatory MotionRelationship between variables  
19FluidsEnergy, power, velocity  
20FluidsBuoyancy, apparent weight  
21DynamicsChange in height of springs  
22Dimensional AnalysisEquivalent units  
23ExperimentEquipments used to determine constants  
24DynamicsDetermining spring constant  
25GravityComparison of velocities and orbits  
1KinematicsUniform acceleration equationsKinematics3
2KinematicsElastic collision with wallDynamics8
3KinematicsProjectile motionEnergy5
4DynamicsStatics, balance of torquesCollisions1
5DynamicsAparent weight, velocitySystem of Masses2
6DynamicsAparent weight, velocityRigid Bodies2
7EnergyComparison of momentum and energyOscillatory Motion1
8EnergyConservation lawsGravity1
9EnergyConservation lawsFluids1
10Rigid BodiesDifference between solid and hollow spheresOther1
11System of MassesNormal force of system to table 25
12Rigid BodiesAcceleration and moments of inertia  
13GravityVelocity and distance  
14CollisionsVelocity of center of mass  
15FluidsFraction of rod above water  
16Dimensional AnalysisSame units  
17DynamicsChange in forces over time  
18System of MassesConservation laws  
19DynamicsTension, pendulum  
20DynamicsTension, pendulum  
21Oscillatory MotionDetermination of period  
22DynamicsStatics, balance of torques  
23EnergyDetermination of spring constant  
24EnergyExtension of cord  
25DynamicsPower and velocity  
1DynamicsAngular momentum and acceleration vectorsKinematics0
2Rigid BodiesDirecction of forceDynamics7
3FluidsFloating objectEnergy5
4System of MassesConservation lawsCollisions2
5DynamicsTorques, centripetal forceSystem of Masses3
6CollisionsCoefficient of restitutionRigid Bodies2
7DynamicsStatics, balance of torquesOscillatory Motion1
8Oscillatory MotionDetermining periodGravity2
9EnergyImpulse, velocityFluids1
10DynamicsTension, centripetal forceOther2
11EnergyEnergy graphs 25
12Dimensional AnalysisSame units  
13Dimensional AnalysisSame units  
14Rigid BodiesTranslational and rotational kinetic energy  
15EnergyPower and velocity  
16CollisionsSpeed ratio  
17GravityDetermining gravitational acceleration  
18DynamicsTension, pulley system  
19DynamicsAir resistance  
20EnergyCentripetal force  
21DynamicsMoments of inertia, pulley system  
22GravityRelationship between variables  
23System of MassesImpulse, conservation laws  
24System of MassesVelocity turns through an angle  
25EnergyFriction, conservation laws  
1KinematicsAddition of velocitiesKinematics4
2KinematicsAverage speedDynamics4
3EnergyForce and powerEnergy6
4DynamicsGraph analysis of motionCollisions4
5KinematicsProjectile motionSystem of Masses0
6CollisionsConservation of momentumRigid Bodies0
7CollisionsConservation of momentumOscillatory Motion2
8CollisionsConservation of momentumGravity0
9CollisionsConservation of momentumFluids2
10EnergyAnalysis of kinetic energies from collisionsOther3
11FluidsBuoyancy 25
12DynamicsAcceleration of pendulum  
13DynamicsDirection of pendulum acceleration  
14DynamicsForces and circular motion  
15EnergyWork-energy theorem  
16EnergyAnalysis of potential energy graph  
17Dimensional AnalysisDimensional analysis  
18GraphsRe-expression of data  
19Oscillatory MotionOscillation of a liquid in a U-tube  
20FluidsBalance of forces, equilibrium  
21KinematicsCoefficient of restituion, infinite series  
22EnergyGraph analysis  
23EnergyVertical spring, conservation of energy  
24WavesTransverse wave, fundamental frequencies  
25Oscillatory MotionCoupled oscillators  
 PercentAverage appearanceTOTAL: 
 5.041.26System of Masses12
 9.242.31Rigid Bodies22
 7.561.89Oscillatory Motion18
 10025 238

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