Old Introduction (Jun 2016)

Welcome to my site! I’ve recently started this online portfolio to document interesting physics work I’m involved in. I hope you learn something new from browsing around my pages and my blog (all posts here). General updates in my endeavors are posted below in the News section. Blog categories are linked from my pages and consist of physics problems/solutions (for now). The website will be updated periodically to include more details so be sure to come back! I envision myself uploading various pieces of content and slowly morphing everything together into something presentable. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave me a message through the contact form.

My charitable donations: $115
$5 – American Cancer Society
$5 – American Civil Liberties Union
$20 – American Red Cross
$2 – Boys and Girls Clubs of America
$32 – Centennial High School (organizations)
$5 – Human Rights Watch
$1 – Khan Academy
$10 – NAACP
$5 – Science Debate
$5 – Stanford University (organizations)
$5 – The Water Project
$5 – United Nations Foundation
$5 – World Wildlife Fund

Goal 1 ($50) – Reached on Dec. 17, 2016
Goal 2 ($100) – Reached on Sep. 14, 2018

Next personal goal: $200


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