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Title: Quantum Computation: Beyond Silicon and Moore’s Law

Proposal: Quantum computers have powerful capabilities enabling them to solve problems of integer factorization, combinatorial optimization, and quantum simulation infeasible to classical computers. One of the main obstacles to building a quantum computer is decoherence due to noise. Quantum error-correcting codes are essential to facilitate fault-tolerant computation. A new scheme to improve the efficiency of quantum error correction will be explored. Come to this session to learn more about the future of computation.

Biography: Kevin Huang is a junior at Centennial High School. He is conducting research in Quantum Computing at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County under Professor Jason Kestner and Condensed Matter at Johns Hopkins University under Professor Oleg Tchernyshyov. Kevin is a co-founder and teacher of the Howard County Chinese School Physics Program. Through his participation in the USA Physics Olympiad, Kevin is ranked among the top 100 physics students in the nation. Recently, his research won the Grand Prize in Physical Science at the Baltimore Science Fair, qualifying him to participate in this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Phoenix, Arizona.

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