Student Feedback



“Thanks a lot. Atmika is enjoying a lot.”

“Thank you so much for having the physics summer program. Joshua really likes your teaching and had enjoyed “physics” very much!”

“Eric attended your last physics classes in Dec. 2017 (both sessions). Thank you very much for helping Eric with the physics! He learned a lot from you.”

“He has really enjoyed this session so thank you!!”

“Thanks for the lesson, I think it went really well!”

“Thank you so much! All of the questions make sense now. :)”

“Thanks Kevin!”

“loves your teaching style and started developing interest towards subjects”

“In the last few classes, we see huge change in Suraj towards physics.  He loves your teaching and your website is wealth of info”

“Thanks for all your coaching- Souro really appreciates it.”

“Anurag learned a lot and will continue to practice as you advised. He definitely looking forward to learning from you next time again.”

“He told me the methods you taught him are really effective when he did his homework. Thanks a lot!”

“he learned a lot and he really enjoys your teaching!!”

“Thank you for the class. Anvi really enjoyed it.”

“He just told me he learned so much from you.”

“Yes, she is really enjoying physics, thanks to you”

“You have done a great teaching job, and it’s fortunate to have you teach Richard.”


“Super intelligent and good at explaining!”

“Kevin was very helpful and allowed me to figure out the physics problems with the knowledge I learned in class.”

“I found him to be very helpful and friendly.”

“Very knowledgeable and helped me understand how to approach different problems”

“He was super helpful and made concrete make more sense”

“he knows what he’s doing. was patient with me. i was very grateful.”

Student Accomplishments:

  • Improving from F=ma participant, past students have won awards including: USAPhO Book Prize Winner (top 50 scorer), USAPhO Silver Medalist, USAPhO Bronze Medalist, USAPhO Honorable Mention, USAPhO Qualifier, among other distinctions
  • Received 5 on AP Calculus exams, AP Physics exams, received 800 on SAT Math, Physics exams
  • Gone to top universities including HarvardPrinceton, MIT, Caltech, Berkeley, UMD

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