“His life goal is to be a tenured professor of physics at an elite institution.”

Math teacher: Mr. Kennedy

“I suspect you would have risen to the top regardless of how you trained. You seem to have a natural aptitude, from what I’ve seen of the work you’ve discussed with me, and also the drive to do the best you can.” “I wish you were out here the whole year and interested in teaching […]

Physics mentor: Dr. Asaro

“I am so glad to see your great achievements during the summer. You are my pride!”

Physics mentor: Dr. Zhang

“A resume is usually 1 page for a student however you have both significant academic and music accomplishments you can have 2 pages.” “You are the kind of student that I went into this career to support.”

Internship mentor: Mrs. Bagley

“Congratulations Kevin…you are an amazing person!”

High school principal: Mrs. Hafets

“Wow–can you play!! I enjoyed your piano performance; you must have practiced hours every day to get to this level. I am very proud that you did not give up. I played your pieces as I worked on Naviance college requests, thank you! Just beautiful!”

High school registrar: Mrs. Aballo

“I have listened to your remarkable performances. I found them very exciting and noted your range of power and softness. Quite often young folks are better at power and forego the subtleties of lighter sound. You do very well in both regards.”

Professor Winkel

“One of the most independent learners I have ever met. May your drive and curiosity take you far.”

Physics teacher: Mr. Eisenstein

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