Music Theory

I would like to thank Mr. Perez for teaching me the fundamentals of music theory and immersing me in the arts, literature, history, and philosophy, further developing my appreciation for the humanities. Here are some readings we used in my old class at the European Academy of Music and Art.


All of Music: The Life and Times of the Great Composers: 1000 Years of Classical MusicVladimir Ashkenazy (foreward)
Salieri and the “Murder” of MozartAlbert Borowitz
What to Listen for in MusicAaron Copland
A History of Musical StyleRichard Crocker
The Essential Canon of Classical MusicDavid Dubal
Five Centuries of Keyboard MusicJohn Gillespie
Classical Music: The 50 Greatest Composers and Their 1,000 Greatest WorksPhil Goulding
The Pianist’s DictionaryMaurice Hinson
Secret Lives of Great Composers: What Your Teachers Never Told You about the World’s Musical MastersElizabeth Lunday
The Lives of the Great ComposersHarold Schonberg
The Lives and Times of the Great ComposersMichael Steen


Don Quixote de la ManchaMiguel de Cervantes
A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickens


A Little History of the WorldE. H. Gombrich


The Story of ThoughtBryan Magee

Field Trips

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