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Chesapeake Math Program
Winter 2018
Summer 2018
Winter 2017
Fall 2016

HCCS Physics Program

Physics Club

Teaching Engagements:

Updated: Summer 2023

CURRENT: Private Tutoring

Spring 2023: Princeton Physics, Private Tutoring
Winter 2022: Private Tutoring
Fall 2022: Princeton Physics, Private Tutoring
Summer 2022: Private Tutoring
Spring 2022: Private Tutoring
Winter 2021: Private Tutoring
Fall 2021: Private Tutoring
Summer 2021: Private Tutoring
Spring 2021: Private Tutoring
Winter 2020: Private Tutoring
Fall 2020: Private Tutoring
Summer 2020: Private Tutoring
Spring 2020: Stanford VPTL, Private Tutoring

Winter 2019: F=ma Exam Class (Winter 2019), Stanford VPTL, Private Tutoring
Fall 2019: Stanford VPTL, Private Tutoring
Summer 2019: Stanford Summer Session
Spring 2019: Private Tutoring
Winter 2018: Chesapeake Math Program
Fall 2018: N/A
Summer 2018: Chesapeake Math Program
Spring 2018: N/A
Winter 2017: Chesapeake Math Program
Fall 2017: N/A
Summer 2017: N/A
Spring 2017: Physics Club
Winter 2016: Physics Club
Fall 2016: Chesapeake Math Program, Physics Club
HCCS Physics Program

Contact for Private Tutoring:


Student Accomplishments:

  • Improving from F=ma participant, past students have won awards including: USAPhO Book Prize Winner (top 50 scorer), USAPhO Silver Medalist, USAPhO Bronze Medalist, USAPhO Honorable Mention, USAPhO Qualifier, among other distinctions
  • Received 5 on AP Calculus exams, AP Physics exams, received 800 on SAT Math, Physics exams
  • Gone to top universities including HarvardStanford, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA, UMD


September, 2019

Teaching (4 years experience, Staff of 12 classes)

·       Physics Tutor for Stanford Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Stanford Summer Academic Resource Center (2019), Faculty at Chesapeake Math Program by personal invitation from director Dr. Catherine Asaro, Member of Teachers Group on SIMIODE (2016)

·       Co-founder of Howard County Chinese School Physics Program, Volunteer Teacher of AP Physics C, Substitute and Teaching Assistant for AP Physics 1 and 2 (2016), Volunteer Teacher of Olympiad Physics, Substitute and Teaching Assistant for AP Physics 1&2 and C (2015)

·       Leader of online discussion group for physics enthusiasts, Judge for elementary school science fair (2017)

·       Published solutions for classical mechanics and quantum mechanics texts, Olympiad problems at kevinshuang.com/posts used by thousands of high school and college students every month, blog endorsed by Thomas Jefferson High School Physics Team

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