Spring 2019 – Private Tutoring
Summer 2019 – Tutoring for Stanford Summer Session
Fall 2019 – Tutoring for Stanford VPTL



Stanford VPTL

Stanford Summer Session

Chesapeake Math Program
Winter 2018
Summer 2018
Winter 2017
Fall 2016

HCCS Physics Program

Physics Club


Student Accomplishments:

  • Improved from F=ma Exam participant to placing as USAPhO Silver Medal Semifinalist
  • Gone to top universities including PrincetonCaltech, UC Berkeley, UMD


March, 2019

Teaching (4 years experience, 8 classes)

·       Faculty at Chesapeake Math Program (Physics, Olympiad Training) by personal invitation from director Dr. Catherine Asaro, Member of Teachers Group on SIMIODE (2016)

·       Co-founder of Howard County Chinese School Physics Program, Volunteer Teacher of AP Physics C, Substitute and Teaching Assistant for AP Physics 1 and 2 (2016), Volunteer Teacher of Olympiad Physics, Substitute and Teaching Assistant for AP Physics 1&2 and C (2015)

·       Leader of online discussion group for physics enthusiasts, Judge for elementary school science fair (2017)

·       Published solutions for classical mechanics and quantum mechanics texts, Olympiad problems at kevinshuang.com/posts used by thousands of high school and college students every month, blog endorsed by Thomas Jefferson High School Physics Team

·       Former students have gone to top universities including Princeton, Caltech, UC Berkeley, and UMD

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