Current Teaching Engagements (Summer 2023): Private Tutoring

3/26/23 – AWARD: Earned Master of Arts degree in Physics from Princeton University

9/6/22 – TEACHING: Teaching Assistant for Princeton Department of Physics

3/15/22 – RESEARCH: Work (Pair density waves in the strong-coupling limit of the Holstein-Hubbard model) accepted for oral presentation at APS March Meeting

1/14/22 – RESEARCH: Paper accepted for publication in npj Quantum Materials

Published on 2/3/22:

4/10/21 – Enrolled at Princeton University for graduate education

4/1/21 – AWARD: Graduated from Stanford University with Bachelor of Science degree in Physics

3/8/21 – RESEARCH: Paper (Pair-Density-Wave in the Strong Coupling Limit of the Holstein-Hubbard model) posted on arXiv: 2103.04984

1/13/21 – RESEARCH: Paper accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters

Published on 2/4/21 as Editor’s Suggestion:

1/3/21 – PROJECT: Collaboration with Georgia Tech Society of Physics Students to share additional solutions for Townsend chapters 5, 9, 10, 11, and 12

9/16/20 – RESEARCH: Paper (Numerical study of a dual representation of the integer quantum Hall transition) posted on arXiv: 2009.07871


5/14/20 – AWARD: Stanford Undergraduate Major Grant


2/24/20 – RESEARCH: Joined Kivelson group at Stanford University


8/30/19 – RESEARCH: Presentation at Stanford Physics Summer Research Poster Session


5/22/19 – TEACHING: Physics Tutor for Stanford Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning during 2019-2020


5/10/19 – TEACHING: Physics Tutor for Stanford Summer Academic Resource Center during June-August 2019

4/5/19 – AWARD: Stanford Department of Physics Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

4/1/19 – RESEARCH: Member of the American Physical Society

1/11/19 – RESEARCH: Invited Member of Stanford Condensed Matter Journal Club

1/7/19 – RESEARCH: Abstract (Composite fermions with quenched disorder at the half-filled Landau level) accepted for oral presentation at APS March Meeting

11/19/18 – TEACHING: Registration open for Winter 2018 Physics Olympiad preparation classes at Chesapeake Math Program

Dates: 12/16, 12/19, 12/21, 12/23, 12/26, 12/28, 12/30
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10/2/18 – RESEARCH: Office established at Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials in McCullough Building

img_8447 mccullough

9/20/18 – RESEARCH: Invited Member of Society for Science Alumni Network


9/9/18 – PROJECT: Morin Chapter 3 Solutions uploaded


6/6/18 – PROJECTS: Percolation in the Quantum Hall Effect uploadedqhe.png(Source:

6/3/18 – TEACHING: Registration open for Summer 2018 Physics Olympiad preparation classes at Chesapeake Math Program.


Session 1: 7/10, 7/13, 7/17, 7/20, 7/24, 7/27, 7/31 8/3
Session 2: 8/7, 8/10, 8/14, 8/17, 8/21, 8/24, 8/28, 8/31
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4/3/18 – RESEARCH: Joined Raghu group at Stanford University

IMG_7243          stanford-logo

12/26/17 – PROJECT: Morin Chapter 2 Solutions uploaded


12/9/17 – TEACHING: Physics Olympiad preparation classes at Chesapeake Math Program

Dates: 12/14, 12/19, 12/21, 12/28, 12/30, 1/2, 1/4
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10/27/17 – RESEARCH: Named as an Associate Editor of Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal


6/26/17 – ALBUM: Piano performance at Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal


6/23/17 – ALBUM: Piano performance at Teatro Real in Madrid, Spain

5/12/17 – AWARD: State of Maryland Merit Scholastic Award from State Governor for “scholastic achievement…within the top five percent of your graduating class”


5/10/17 – RESEARCH: Paper accepted for publication in Physical Review B

Published on 5/30/17 as Rapid Communication

aps     prb

5/1/17 – Enrolled at Stanford University for undergraduate education


4/18/17 – RESEARCH: Presentation at Centennial High School Research in Science & Engineering (RISE) Conference

16472917_367889763597615_9092883025446648874_n     IMG_3351

4/9/17 – ALBUM: Piano performance at Dartmouth University in New Hampshire

4/5/17 – RESEARCH: Presentation and performance in Howard County Student Learning Conference at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory


3/26/17 – AWARD: Named as 2nd Place Winner of 62nd Baltimore Science Fair


2/8/17 – RESEARCH: Paper posted on arXivAnnihilation of Domain Walls in a Ferromagnetic Wire, arXiv:1702.02248


2/3/17 – AWARD: Certificate of Appreciation from County Executive for “academic and extra-curricular achievements to improve our community through science”


1/30/17 – AWARD:

cokeNamed as a Coca-Cola Scholar Regional Finalist.

PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 8 Solutions uploaded


1/28/17 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 7 Solutions uploaded


1/27/17 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 6 Solutions uploaded


1/19/17 – Featured in article on Chinese newspaper World Journal (世界日报)


1/18/17 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 5 Solutions uploaded


1/9/17 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 4 Solutions uploaded


1/6/17 – RESEARCH: Abstract (Annihilation of Domain Walls in a Ferromagnetic Wire) accepted for oral presentation at APS March Meeting


1/5/17 – TEACHING: Winter session of Physics Olympiad class


1/4/17 – AWARD: Named as a Top 300 Scholar in the Regeneron Science Talent Search

stsentrant        stsscholar        stsreport       stsinitiative

Earned a Research Report digital badge in recognition of exceptionally well-written college-level report covering the research submitted to Regeneron STS.

Earned a Student Initiative digital badge in recognition of extraordinary efforts in pursuing science research, as evidenced by the entry submitted to Regeneron STS.

12/31/16 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 3 Solutions uploaded


12/15/16 – AWARD:

coca cola.png

Named as a Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalist.

12/8/16 – RESEARCH: County Presentation at Reservoir High School


11/19/16 – ALBUM: Performed at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in North Carolina.

11/10/16  ALBUM: Performed at the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C.

10/26/16 – RESEARCH: Joined the Society of Physics Students


10/22/16 – Personal domain and website established as

10/18/16 – AWARD:


Named as a Siemens Competition Semifinalist.

9/27/16 – PROJECT:


Published my circular roller coaster problem on SIMIODE. Very glad to be the first high school student to contribute a problem. Read more here.

9/16/16 – TEACHING:


It’s the middle of September, and I’ve had the chance to expand my teaching beyond HCCS. First is the recent invitation for me to join the Chesapeake Math Program faculty, which I gladly accepted. It is certainly a huge honor for me to receive this teaching endorsement. Next is the establishment of a physics club at school which has also been going well. Our first meeting is set to be on September 19. I’ve added two new pages to my Teaching section and will be posting more information!

Physics Olympiad class

Physics club

9/15/16 – PROJECT: Morin Chapter 1 Solutions uploaded


9/10/16 – ALBUM: Performing at Strathmore Mansion today for my solo piano concert. Prepared for several months and now it is time to play music!Kevin Huang

9/1/16 – TEACHING: Registration is open for the HCCS Physics Program 2016-2017! Classes are held weekly on Sundays at Howard Community College starting September 11, 2016. I look forward to teaching AP Physics C this year. Learn more in our course description.

Physics Poster

7/13/16 – RESEARCH:


Committee on Qualifications and Membership has approved my nomination for election to Associate Membership in Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. Will definitely be taking advantage of science opportunities from Sigma Xi!

7/8/16 – RESEARCH: Poster (Annihilation of Domain Walls in a Ferromagnetic Wire) presented at Topological Patterns and Dynamics in Magnetic Elements and in Condensed Matter conference at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems

mpipks           csm_Conference_TOPMAG16_teaser_12ac2bc570

7/2/16 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 2 Solutions uploaded


6/29/16 – PROJECT: Townsend Chapter 1 Solutions uploaded


6/13/16 – Founding of KSHPhysics Blog. [Archive]

2/6/16 – RESEARCH: Joined Tchernyshyov group at Johns Hopkins University

olegt3          300x300

9/1/15 – RESEARCH: Joined Kestner group at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Jason_Kestner-3287-1920x768.jpg          UMBC-1200x463

7/17/14 – PROJECT: Volunteer Biological Technician at Bee Research Laboratory, USDA, Beltsville

usda2          usda

Statement: I have been interested in physics since I was little when I learned about the solar system and gravity. Physics to me is the understanding of how nature works. The process of writing a mathematical equation to describe nature fundamentally is powerful and intriguing to me. Formulas that govern the cosmos. Physics is very exciting because it is also the foundation for scientific advancements that make our technologies possible. From cars and refrigerators to light bulbs and computers, physics affects everyone in their daily lives. There is huge research potential in this area with consequential implications and societal impact. The physics questions that intrigue me involve gaining a better understanding of new phenomena. In particular, I am fascinated by systems that exhibit interesting behavior which can potentially be developed into useful technologies. (Sep-2016)

Biography: Kevin S. Huang is a rising sophomore at Stanford University with extensive research and teaching experience in physics. He is an invited Associate Member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, invited Member of the National Space Society, and Member of the Society of Physics Students. As a two-time silver medalist of the USA Physics Olympiad, Kevin is ranked among the top 100 physics students in the nation.

In high school, he conducted research on quantum error correction, studying the theoretical conditions to perform joint measurements in quantum dot systems. Kevin was invited to present this work at various regional events and his project won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize in Physical Science at the Baltimore Science Fair, an all-expenses paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and a full college scholarship from Towson University. Later, Kevin was invited as a visiting student to Johns Hopkins University where he studied the annihilation of domain walls in ferromagnets. His subsequent publication in Physical Review B was presented at the APS Match Meeting and a physics workshop at the Max Planck Institute. Currently, his research is in condensed matter theory of the quantum Hall regime.

For the past three years, Kevin has kept his teaching and tutoring activities active in the community. He co-founded the Howard County Chinese School Physics Program where he taught Olympiad Physics and AP Physics. Since joining the Chesapeake Math Program, he has taught multiple Physics Olympiad programs. Kevin has also been involved in various service activities, including serving as Associate Editor of the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal, volunteer judging for science fairs, and publishing various teaching scenarios for students. He maintains an active blog ( used by numerous students including the prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School Physics Team. In his spare time, Kevin is a dedicated pianist, having performed at many prestigious venues in the US and abroad as well as at numerous hospitals, senior centers, universities, and government institutions. (Sep-2018)


“His life goal is to be a tenured professor of physics at an elite institution.”

Math teacher: Mr. Kennedy

“I suspect you would have risen to the top regardless of how you trained. You seem to have a natural aptitude, from what I’ve seen of the work you’ve discussed with me, and also the drive to do the best you can.” “I wish you were out here the whole year and interested in teaching […]

Physics mentor: Dr. Asaro

“I am so glad to see your great achievements during the summer. You are my pride!”

Physics mentor: Dr. Zhang

“A resume is usually 1 page for a student however you have both significant academic and music accomplishments you can have 2 pages.” “You are the kind of student that I went into this career to support.”

Internship mentor: Mrs. Bagley

“Congratulations Kevin…you are an amazing person!”

High school principal: Mrs. Hafets

“Wow–can you play!! I enjoyed your piano performance; you must have practiced hours every day to get to this level. I am very proud that you did not give up. I played your pieces as I worked on Naviance college requests, thank you! Just beautiful!”

High school registrar: Mrs. Aballo

“I have listened to your remarkable performances. I found them very exciting and noted your range of power and softness. Quite often young folks are better at power and forego the subtleties of lighter sound. You do very well in both regards.”

Professor Winkel

“One of the most independent learners I have ever met. May your drive and curiosity take you far.”

Physics teacher: Mr. Eisenstein

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Blog used by Harvard Physics Circle: physics_circle_work_energy.pdf
Blog used by Thomas Jefferson High School Physics Team:

TJ Physics Resources

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“Jerry said you are a great teacher. It was lucky to meet you. Thanks for your support.”

“Thanks a lot. Atmika is enjoying a lot.”

“Thank you so much for having the physics summer program. Joshua really likes your teaching and had enjoyed “physics” very much!”

“Eric attended your last physics classes in Dec. 2017 (both sessions). Thank you very much for helping Eric with the physics! He learned a lot from you.”

“He has really enjoyed this session so thank you!!”

“Thanks for the lesson, I think it went really well!”

“Thank you so much! All of the questions make sense now. :)”

“Thanks Kevin!”

“loves your teaching style and started developing interest towards subjects”

“In the last few classes, we see huge change in Suraj towards physics.  He loves your teaching and your website is wealth of info”

“Thanks for all your coaching- Souro really appreciates it.”

“Anurag learned a lot and will continue to practice as you advised. He definitely looking forward to learning from you next time again.”

“He told me the methods you taught him are really effective when he did his homework. Thanks a lot!”

“he learned a lot and he really enjoys your teaching!!”

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“I can tell she enjoys learning Physics more and is more confident on the subject as well. Really appreciate your teaching! :-)”

“It is time consuming, but I think she enjoyed it. I know Physics is hard, so thank you for making the learning experience as interesting as possible.”

“Thank you! I’ve enjoyed learning physics with you over the last year.”

“You are an excellent teacher! Thanks!”

“Thank you for teaching me the past two years. You have been one of the primary reasons why I want to pursue  physics/astrophysics for my college career.”


“Super intelligent and good at explaining!”

“Kevin was very helpful and allowed me to figure out the physics problems with the knowledge I learned in class.”

“I found him to be very helpful and friendly.”

“Very knowledgeable and helped me understand how to approach different problems”

“He was super helpful and made concrete make more sense”

“he knows what he’s doing. was patient with me. i was very grateful.”

Student Accomplishments:

  • Improving from F=ma participant, past students have won awards including: USAPhO Book Prize Winner (top 50 scorer), USAPhO Silver Medalist, USAPhO Bronze Medalist, USAPhO Honorable Mention, USAPhO Qualifier, among other distinctions
  • Received 5 on AP Calculus exams, AP Physics exams, received 800 on SAT Math, Physics exams
  • Gone to top universities including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA, UMD