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Room 1 – Session 1

Title: The Future of Micromagnetics: Going Beyond the Limits

Proposal: Magnetism is prevalent throughout daily life in our entertainment systems, appliances, medicine, power stations, and computers. Today, present methods of hard disk production are approaching physical limits. Micromagnetics motivates the research of new materials and designs to improve the storage capacity of devices. In this session, the presenter will address a theoretical approach to studying the dynamics of ferromagnetic domain walls, along with simulation results and possible applications. Come and learn more about this project recently published in Physical Review Letters.

Biography: Kevin Huang is a senior at Centennial High School and visiting student at Johns Hopkins University with research interests in condensed matter physics. As a two-time silver medalist of the USA Physics Olympiad, Kevin is ranked among the top 100 physics students in the nation. Last year, his quantum computation research at UMBC won the 2016 Grand Prize at the Baltimore Science Fair, an all-expenses paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and a full college scholarship from Towson University. Kevin is also an invited member of the National Space Society, member of the Society for Physics Students, and an Associate Member of Sigma Xi. Recently, he was named as a Top 300 Scholar in the Regeneron Science Talent Search, Siemens Competition Semifinalist, and Coca-Cola Regional Finalist. He has kept tutoring activities active in school and the community through the Howard County Chinese School Physics Program and Chesapeake Math Program. His work in the Tchernyshyov group was presented at the APS March Meeting and submitted to Physical Review Letters.

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